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Dorrington Hotel

The Dorrington hotel was a historic stopping place on the Big Tree Carson valley road and was a vacation spot for Big Trees visitors and a place to rest for cattleman, miners and traders. The ranch was originally called cold spring ranch. The Dorrington hotel was built in 1852 by John Gardner. John Gardner married Rebecca Dorrington and moved her out from Scotland. Rebecca quickly fell in love with the property and together they had four children. In 1902 the US post office moved to the site and Dorrington officially became a town. At or around 1949 in the main area where the pool table is, was 2 grease racks for auto repairs. In 1977 the bar was converted from a grease rack to a beer/burger saloon. Hence “The Lube Room Saloon.” Everything that is hanging on the walls has been brought in by our customers and friends. Many of the items have a unique story and if you’re not shy ask one of the many old timers that frequent the place and be prepared for a great story over a cold beer. Legends swirl around the property……from Mark Twain’s plaque that is in the Murphy’s museum from when he would drink from the cold spring out back to the silver and gold trades to the Miwok and Washoe Indians that once hunted the property. The greatest tale is about Rebecca Dorrington. She loved the property so much it is told that she has never left. One story has it that she went out one cold night during a storm and lost her way and froze to death. While others insist that Rebecca was massacred by Indians or fell down the stairs in the hotel and bled to death. It has been said that Rebecca died October 16th 1910 in Altaville CA. Many guests have reported seeing her wondering the halls or rocking on the chair out front. Regardless of the legends we are happy to be a part of all the history and happy to have her around and look forward to a very long relationship! The Dorrington Hotel and Lube Room Saloon was purchased from the Saville’s in 2015 by the Sweeney, Kerr and Mitchell families. After a lot of hard work and the good fortune of hiring Tami and Leslie and all the great people that work for us we reopened up the Lube Room on July 3 rd , 2015. After our opening we immediately began working on the hotel. The hotel has been refurbished and is now officially open for group reservations, weddings, anniversaries and parties. Also, the cottage is getting a lot of attention as it sits on the back of the property and is a great spot for couples get away….